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Guild Banner, Procedure and Rubrics

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Guild Banner, Procedure and Rubrics Empty Guild Banner, Procedure and Rubrics

Post by Metatron on Sun 23 Jul - 5:56

Welcome to the Zodiac Elementals!  Trust, honestly, loyalty and great communication are the foundations of our community here; we cherish those qualities as they promote the strongest and most cohesive families.  Together, through thick and thin, we stand until the end.  And even in the strongest currents of opposition, we will leave none behind, we will not relent, we never, ever give up!

1.) We are seeking active and family oriented players with 20M might or more; exceptions are highly restricted.
2.) You MUST message a recruiter and pass a very short battery before being processed.
3.) The diplomacy board is for diplomacy ONLY.  It is not meant as a door for recruitment.  Please learn to follow instructions! (The R5 and R4 diplomats along with Internal Affairs are the only member who should access the Dip Board!)
4.) Any defection from the core values of this guild mentioned in the beginning of this post is grounds for dismissal or demotion! We are serious about honesty, integrity and responsibility.  Those are the framework for consistent and strong growth!

Diplomats: Zepplin25 and RavensNest

Recruiters: HiddenWings and LordAries

War Generals: Zepplin25 and RavensNest

Internal Affairs: Metatron and HiddenWings

Don't lose your leader!  We really don't like seeing our enemies capture them!  Do your best to stay active, and don't let yourself fall off the wagon for more than three days without notice!  We love the game events, as they reap so many rewards!  At least try to participate in guild fest and KvK!  If you don't try at all, you will be demoted, if demotion is not possible, then we will have to find someone willing to grow to replace you!

1.) Keep your heroes and troops sheltered if you cannot shield or expect to be away when your shield drops.
2.) Give notice if you are not going to be active for longer than 3 days.
3.) Do not steal monsters from friendly or allied guilds!
4.) Do not burn an unaffiliated hive without leadership consent first!
5.) Do not spam the guild mail with messages that do not pertain to leadership administration! (Like asking for RSS.)

[EXO], [CCI], [Cav]
Enemies: [T|K], [TnO]

You may farm: Guildless (errant) members and enemies.  If they guildless member is C25 and above 20M might, invite them to the guild first.  If there is no response after 24 hours, burn away!

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