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Z(n)E Diplomatic Council

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Z(n)E Diplomatic Council Empty Z(n)E Diplomatic Council

Post by Metatron on Sun 23 Jul - 5:58

Upon debate and discussion of necessary rubrics, the following document proposes the order and structure of a general diplomacy council to serve the needs of all Z(n)E Faction External Affairs.


All units of the family.

       This official document is not to be deployed to any other affiliated unit to Z(n)E, whether ally, within NAP or otherwise, unless agreed upon for mutual democratic ruling infrastructure by merger or other relationship through the Original Congress.


  • Hierarchical Diagram (Chain of Command)
    Reporting Structure & External Affairs Council
    Candidacy, Election and Assignment
    Punitive Action on Sabotage & Treason

This section describes the hierarchy by which Z(n)E is run.  We act as one unit and mind where decisions made consider factors that may affect any faction and member of the unit.  The authority structure is as follows:

  • Trayzn & The Originals
    All Family R4's
    R3 Lieutenants delegated by R4's

The general purpose of this hierarchical structure is to prevent any one member of leadership from being over-tasked or involved in too many affairs, leading to performance inadequacy or the potential for failure.

1.) By a short assessment (3-5 questions) to determine candidate capacity and a short testimony of character, Congress will elect key members of leadership to serve on the Council of External Affairs.
2.) Once a council is established, they will be responsible for all external diplomacy.
3.) When an alliance, NAP or dissolving thereof is proposed, the EA Council will convene and discuss the properties of such an arrangement.  When a verdict emerges, the EA Council will report the new arrangement to Congress for ratification.
4.) If ratified, the new arrangement will be administered, honoring the cohesiveness of the family unit.
5.) Under no circumstance, will any individual create an arrangement without communication to External Affairs; and by no circumstance with EA finalize an arrangement without Congress’ ratification.

  • Why?  Other members of Congress who are not included in the EA Council may have pertinent information that affects the arrangement or well being of the family.

1.) Suitable candidates for diplomatic affairs are known to exhibit qualities of reason, patience, discernment and systematically critical thinking.  Candidates demonstrating these traits should be principally nominated for any open External Affairs office or responsibility.
2.) Candidates considered for election should be able to answer basic questions, including those of a scenario such as:

  • How would you begin establishing a relationship with a guild we do not know?
    How would you approach a guild that has breached an alliance or NAP?
    Who are our guild’s primary enemies?  Who are our friends?

  • If you suspect or find a member of EA in treason or treacherous activity, how you would present your case to Congress?  With a discreet investigation, or cast it out in the open?

Assuming 3 key members from leadership are selected, the assignment of each individual would be as described:

  • One member assigned directly to the Congress that will communicate any legislation for the External Affairs Council.
    One member who actually performs the networking responsibilities for each faction.
    One member, upon establishing and ratifying a relationship, to communicate the new arrangement to the entire guild.

Note: Any R4, upon their discretion, can delegate sections of their task to an R3 if necessary, as long as the task does not exceed a trivial duty.  That R3 is then assigned as a lieutenant to the associated R4.  This is suggested to promote shared purpose of our members, promote retention, loyalty and and sense of belongingness.  If such a time arises that our family size has grown so large that we need to create another faction, those select R3s that have performed exceptionally under guidance and direction of an R4 will be primed for leadership capacity.


Z(n)E Diplomatic Council Captur10

1.) With irrefutable evidence, if a party is found guilty of either of the aforementioned, they are upon grounds for immediate dismissal from the guild and are subject to any action resulting in that dismissal.
2.) If a party is found guilty of error, but erred in sincere miscalculation, oversight or misinterpretation, then the party will be evaluated for demotion, or dismissal depending on the severity of the error.
3.) These regulations include all ranks and members of any faction, but are especially attended by the External Affairs Council.


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