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Recruiting Policy and Applications

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Recruiting Policy and Applications Empty Recruiting Policy and Applications

Post by Metatron on Sun 23 Jul - 6:37

The following governance is formulated by Personnel Officer Aroth, and ratified by the current Z/E and Z_E Congress with counsel from The Originals:

Effective 15 June, 2107 - RECRUITMENT OFFICE

Leadership involved in processing applications to the guild will assess the following pre-screening of all applicants who meet the 20 million might criterium.

1.) Guild History & Traceability: Where are you coming from and why did you leave?

2.) What do you know about us, any affiliates, allies or enemies?

3.) Why did you choose to join us rather than another guild?

Note: Your phrasing does not need to be exact in game, but the general format should be, meaningfully, indistinguishable.

Ratification: The pre-screening is now formalized.  All leaders are expected to enforce this policy, of course, accounting for any exceptions that may include: battle strategy, temporary assignment or temporary access to transfer resources to/from a turf that does not meet our requirements.

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Recruiting Policy and Applications Metatr10
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